why should be say carbon fiber wheels are the best bicycle wheels?


Jan 3, 2013
Carbon fiber wheels are famous in the world because their expensive and high-performance.In the Tour De France,many famous cyclists choose them and got a good ranking.Let’s explore the advantages of carbon fiber wheels. The value of a carbon bike rims lies with its weight and superior aerodynamics.The weight saving afforded by carbon is well known and readily demonstrated;the material also ushered in the current era of aerodynamic wheel design.Consider Campagnolo Shamals from the mid-90s, the alloy rims were around 40mm tall and the wheelset weighed 1980g,yet they were considered a breakthrough in aerodynamic design.Now carbon wheelsets feature rims that are as tall (or even taller) and weights have dropped below 1500g. Another advantage of Bicycle Wheels Carbon is that it can be molded and the companies leading aerodynamic wheel design have been able to design wind-cutting profiles with the help of wind tunnel testing and fluidics.Current marketing efforts have provided riders with a basic understanding of aerodynamics along with hard data (of sorts) so they can compare the drag and stall of different rims or wheel designs before making a decision to buy. Carbon bike rims and clincher wheelset also benefit from an impressive stiffness to weight ratio.We all know from the performance of carbon frames that the material can be very stiff,and carbon rims are typically engineered to be very stiff so as to allow low spoke counts. At the same time,carbon 700C Wheels can offer a smooth and compliant ride,so gram for gram,they easily outperform aluminium in this arena. Low weight,superior aerodynamics and stiffness to weight,these traits are of enormous value when performance is the primary consideration,so,more and more riders would like to choose carbon fiber bike wheels for improving the level of their bicycle equipment.


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Mar 1, 2013
[SIZE=10.0pt]Carbon fibre wheels are brighter, closer, harmless, solider one of the tasks facing a racing rider is monitoring the bide around corner at great speed.[/SIZE]


Oct 6, 2003
Originally Posted by Haragones .

[COLOR= rgb(28, 6, 60)][SIZE= 10pt]Carbon fibre wheels are brighter, closer, harmless, solider one of the tasks facing a racing rider is monitoring the bide around corner at great speed.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
I can't argue with that and there is a reason.


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Dec 23, 2006
The intimidation factor of carbon wheels is well worth their very reasonable price. Common knowledge (at least in my cycling circle) that the higher the cost of your wheels directly reflects your increased cycling speed.
Furthermore, just showing up on the starting line with a set of Zipps/Lightweights/Enves is worth 5-10 places at the finish./img/vbsmilies/smilies/wink.gif
Carbon wheels - get yourself a set today!!

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