will a 52 or 55 slope frame match a 184cm rider using long seat post?

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Alan Smollen

If I use a long seat post and stem, would I be ok riding a 52cm frame Fuji Aloha triatholon bike? I
am 184cm tall with a 88 cm inseam. I wonder also about a giant tcr aero 55cm seat post. the chart
says it will fit with the 300 mm seat post. What is the deal. if your seat and hands and feet are in
the correct position, does it matter what size the frame is. giant uses the slooped frame. the fuji
is straight at the top tube.

The reason for the questions is that I live in Japan and have found these bikes real cheap. I can
not find a 58cm bike in this country with a reasonable price.

thank you Alan Smollen

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