Your opinions please on best way to go!


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Dec 23, 2014
I bought a Trek fx 7.2 a couple of weeks ago and am really enjoy riding but feel that maybe I should have went with a road bike. Am doing 15-20 miles a day at 11-12 mph but am feeling I would like to take it up some. I strictly do paved bike paths (am very lucky where I live in Florida) and not a lot of hills. I am 65 and am after getting fitter.After reading most of the posts here I started looking at the Trek Madone, Specialized Allenz, and the Giant Defy (money is not a major problem but would like to stay in the under $1200) Your thoughts please, stay with the Trek or jump to the Road Bike? Thanks from the guy who said he would never wear tight biking shorts and those loud biking shirts and now would never ride without them!
First, hear my disclaimer--I work for a dealer that sells Trek, Scott, and Raleigh. Now for my advise, as I have already stated. In this price range, all of the brands you've cited are pretty evenly matched. You can't go wrong with any of them, or any other bike from a major (or even less major) brand. Test ride a few, make friends with a couple dealers, take your time, and have fun.
elglide, add a bit of spice to your collection by getting an Allez or a Defy.
Either one would make a good stablemate for your Trek FX.
Admittedly $1,000 can go a long way towards getting an Allez or Defy.