Advice on used road bike


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Nov 10, 2020
Hi all! I’m new to distance riding and road bikes, and am also starting to train for a half Ironman. I currently have a fixie that I ride around the neighborhood with the family, but want something that will leave me the ability to run the last leg!

Anyways, I’m looking at two bikes from the mid 80s: Trek 400 ( and Schwinn Tempo (

I really appreciate any advice you all can share. Thanks!
The Trek has a bar and brake lever combo that’s likely to be more comfortable than what’s on the Schwinn.
Looks like a big difference in sizes, Trek looks small, Schwinn looks huge! :-O

Get the one that fits. Though an 80's bike, needs a tune up? I'd worry about old rims and wheels myself.
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The Schwinn Tempo is a higher quality frame than the Trek 400, but the Tempo, which appears to be a 1984 model, does not have the original components, which for the asking price of $100 is ok because one with all the original components would be closer to $250 range. The Tempo would also need new chainrings.

The Trek however appears to be in better overall condition; I don't think the Trek is worth more than $150 so that would be my offer for it, it too would need new chainrings and new a gear cluster, which probably means it would need a new chain.

So of the two, I would probably buy the TREK, however, I don't know what size you are, those two bikes are two completely different sizes, if your short the trek will probably fit, if your average height the Schwinn might fit.