Bike buying advice - new or used?

Discussion in 'Cycling Equipment' started by Plin, Mar 30, 2005.

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    I'm planning to buy a road bike to get in shape. Shimano 105 or better.
    I don't care about the weight nor do I need a lot of expensive
    components. Basically, a decent, reliable bike that I'll keep for a
    long time.

    It looks like Shimano 105 bikes start at around $800 new. I'm wondering
    if I'd be better off buying a used bike and either to save some money
    or, to get a better bike for the same amount of money (for example dura
    ace, etc.).

    Supergo has a Scattante 105 bike for $850, which seems like a pretty
    good deal, even though I'm not crazy about the name. Is this a good
    brand to go with (it's their house brand)?

    Also, it seems that most bikes nowadays are aluminum. Personally, I
    think I'd rather have a steel frame for better shock absorption, since
    light weight isn't a top priority. Does anyone still make steel framed
    bikes in this range?

    Thanks for any advice!