Blocking up derailleur cable holes in giant propel frame


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Jun 5, 2011
I've just finished building up a Giant Propel 2017 with a SRAM eTap groupset and rim brakes.

It looks great and I'm about to take it out for a test ride (weather allowing), but there's one thing bothering me.

There's a few holes around the frame to run derailleur/di2 cables internally, but I don't need any cables with eTap, so the openings will let water and dirt into the frame. Giant have been no help at all.

Has anyone got any good ideas for filling up unwanted derailleur cable holes? I don't want to use bluetac! :)

There are special types of sticker/tape, to use to protect frames against cable rub. Sometimes called ”helicopter tape” . Buy some of that, cut some smooth oval or round pieces and apply.
Thanks, that's a great idea!

I just happened to have some of the clear frame protector stickers lying around, so I'll use them. I was considering using clear silicone, but frame protector stickers will be better.