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    I own two road bike .. Sworks Tarmac and a Cube Agree GTC ... Been thinking of getting of the cube , because i read all the time you can't use a Carbon bike on a turbo .. Had this reply from Specialized this morning , still waiting fro a reply from cube !

    Hi Roger

    Thank you for your enquiry regarding Sworks Tarmac.
    I recall hear a few years ago that we don’t recommend using carbon frames on “A” frame turbo trainers, however I haven’t been able to find anything in print that says not to.
    Also several of us here use them and have never had any cause for concern.

    As for riding in our Great British winter weather. You can of course use your bike during the winter in salty conditions, you just need to wash the bike down after a wet ride and maybe have it serviced more often to prevent the carbon, aluminium and salt reacting together. This is why some people by a cheaper aluminium frame bike as a winter training machine and keep their carbon bike for best.
    Also if you take a tumble aluminium will take a hit better than carbon.

    I hope this is of help.


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