Cycling in the rain

It is unavoidable where I live. If you want to get out for any significant amount of time that is. Avoiding rain will keep you indoors most of the year where I live.
Is not that I wait until it's raining to go outside and ride my bike, is just that I get caught in the middle of the road, with a super huge heavy rain. If I see that there are some sprinkles, I can grab my poncho, rubber shoes, and go there without problem. But getting caught by surprise, that's another story, I really get soaked and then I have to take care of my bike at home, because I don't want it to have some damage.
At times I feel like going under the rain to cycle is fun especially if I am with a friend so that we can spend that moment together. However, there are also risk associated with it like catching a flue that is why if someone would go cycle in the rain he must also be prepared of the consequences that comes with it.
I don't really like cycling in the rain because I hate getting my clothes and hair wet and ruining them, and it also gets more dangerous to ride the bicycle on wet roads.
I feel the same way too. I really love to use my bike during heavy rain, but only in the streets near my apartment or in the park. It's very dangerous to use our bike in public highway or where a lot of vehicles specially if almost zero visibility because of rain.
I have been caught in the rain when I have been out riding before and I hate it. It's not that I mind getting wet, but it seems as though it makes the roads here particularly slippery. I feel that it is too dangerous of an activity for me if it is raining more than just a mere sprinkle. Plus, I share the road with motorists who often do not pay any attention to cyclists. Rain lessens their visibility. In fact, around here two or three people have been hit by motorists while riding and most were during times of decreased visibility for one reason or another.
Totally feel you here. Let's say I'm a newbie when it comes to cycling, and then you put me into this super slippery road. For sure that's a big mess! Getting wet can be considered fun, and that's not an issue for me, but going down the road, doing S shapes, and out of control, that's another level. So, I do can take some soft springs, not big problem, but once it starts to rain dogs and cats, that's time to go back home or avoid riding that day.
I would prefer cycling when its sunny because it provides me some energy from the sun that keeps me to paddle. Also, it is great to have adventures when the sun is out rather than raining. But maybe someday, I'll try to go on an adventure while its raining. But wouldn't it make you sick? Before going to rain make sure to take vitamins and also when the sun is providing to much heat, always bring water with you so you'll keep hydrated. :)

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