Do You Use A Light After Dark

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    I personally don't know the laws here where I am but I would never ride at night without a light, its just not worth the risk of getting hit by a car.

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    Sep 2, 2020
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    I agree Nigel. I leave my Niterider Omega 300 (numbers mean lumens of course) on flash mode during the day. With people driving distracted, the flashing the light will get their attention when they look up from texting for a half a least that's the idea! But it's better than no idea!!

    I've read two different studies on flashing lights vs non-flashing lights, Europe said that flashing lights made it difficult for motorists to ascertain how far they were from a cyclist, so they outlawed flashing lights of any sort. Canadian studies showed that flashing lights attracted the attention of motorists better than a steady light, so they allow for both, flashing and steady. I took those two studies and combined them! During the day I run with a 400 lumen Lezyne Hecto Drive 400XL on strobe mode, and the NiteRider Omega 300 on highest flash mode; but during the night I ADD 2 more lights. So at night the Hecto Drive is left strobing but is put on my helmet instead of the bars, I then add a Phillips Saferide 80 to the bars and that one is on steady (it doesn't have a flash mode anyways, but it's far brighter then the Hecto Drive is when it's on steady). Then I leave the Omega 300 on my seat bag and put it on the brightest steady mode, and I add a Niterider Aero 260 to my helmet and put it on alternating flash mode. If I end up on a dark country road or bike path I will usually turn the Hecto drive to steady mode as the strobing is annoying to me in the pitch dark, plus I can aim the helmet light in any direction I want to see something better, also the higher angle of the helmet light helps to highlight road imperfections so you can see a pothole with more detail, handlebar lights tend to make potholes look less deep leaving a rider to think it's not a big deal, but the higher up the light is the more depth those potholes take on. This is why true 4x4 drivers have those driving lights on light bars located above the cab of the vehicle.

    The front light on during the day, not sure if I really need to do that, I do it anyway, but my thinking is that I have more control over what happens in front of me then I do behind me, so I really don't think the daylight front light is really all that necessary, but I do it anyway just in case. So if there ever was an accident and the motorist stops, which most do not, but then the cop can't say I wasn't doing everything I could to be seen.

    And that's all the lighting I use. At night I do add ankle reflectors, and I add a Home Depot neon green mesh safety vest with wide reflective bands on it. Kind of nerdy that vest is but my safety is more important than how I look to others, I'm not riding to put on a fashion show!!
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    During the day, I might and might not have the front on. As mentioned, I think I control what is ahead of me.

    However, busy rush hour times, I will use the front light as most stop sign intersections I cross are busy so I want them to KNOW I am there.

    On a fast downhill, I use the strobe as I am doing 30+ on the fast but wide divided avenue. Cars waiting at stop signs waiting to cross through fast traffic. I want to be seen and though, as mentioned, the strobe may through off their judgement, I do notice that most cars will wait till I pass before attempting to cross. Even though I may be alone or very few cars most times, most seem to wait when I have the strobe.

    One guy told me that I should never use the strobe as it confuses drivers thinking it could be an emergency vehicle. That is ok with me because whatever it takes to make them wait for me is always a good thing for my safety. Then also they may learn that next time they see a strobe, it could be a cyclist so if they wait, it's not like a stressful thing if they wait for an emergency vehicle or a cyclist.

    I do however turn off the strobe once I finish the descents. I myself don't like strobes in my face so I don't expect the drivers around to deal with it either.