Essentials of physiology, why the men were weak physiological


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Jan 26, 2015
Physiological health is the most important thing and the necessities of daily life. But at the same time you can young sweeping ready for combat without any obstacles. A full sex integrity for both. So why weakened physiological what causes this phenomenon? It interferes with how many men, how many women feel inspired when falling in battle and how many women feel indifferent to her husband and the cause is unknown because the gentleman was shy dare not afraid to express sometimes lead to misunderstandings and disagreements resulted.

Weak physiological done a lot of reasons caused by psychological pressure remains dominant life. According to experts, the main physiological due to the following reasons:
Cause major physiological
Overused antibiotics;
Abuse of masturbation;
Stimulants: Do use a lot of beer, alcohol, smoking, drugs lice;
Psychological causes: anxiety, depression, stress, mental disorders, psychological problems, prolonged negative emotions, negative, stress;
Sequelae of surgery;
Aging due to age;
The renal disease, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, atherosclerosis disease causing serious impacts to biological function.
- Especially in men with low physiological manifestations such as decreased libido, erectile dysfunction, decreased sperm fertility reduction con.- Regarding health, men susceptible to heart disease, high blood pressure , arrhythmias: apnea and snoring to sleep, mental disorders, impairment of memory loss, overweight, osteoporosis, wrinkles, hair loss ...
- Currently, people often use these types of testosterone synthesis (pharmacy) to put directly into the body in the form of inflamed oral or injectable or topical, skin patches.
- This method has the advantage especially for fast results, no disease when patients feel fullness, young and in love with life.
- However, this approach has limitations are difficult to control, because it's like double-edged sword likely to cause adverse effects on health.
- Abuse of putting too much testosterone in the body, causes testicular men asleep more easily and if used for long periods can cause impairment of testicular activity and cause testicular atrophy.
- Essentials of physiology is why the grave by testicular aging, it is confirmed that.
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Weak mild physiological yourself can fully overcome by increasing exercise, sports health promotion. Besides additional substances in foods such as seafood protein or cure all physiological weak from folk.
With severe condition that is essential physiological levels of severity as erectile dysfunction, impotence should be treated with drug therapy (doctors in the US, said the type of sedative, antidepressant, ... have the effect of delaying ejaculation again ...) But the man who uses drugs to feel chest tightness, shortness of breath, chest pain, ... the reason is because the drug has side effects not suitable for the location. Also if you have heard to a drug, viagra erection temporarily but do abuse it or use confidential without prescription can lead to go to the emergency.
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