Expensive Learning Curve :-(

Mak'em Lad

New Member
May 31, 2010
OK, Without knowing all the ins & outs I purchased a set of wheels, tyres, tubes etc. etc. to use as a second set on my mountain bike (road tyres). This was for the times I would be riding on the road only.

I got 26" wheels & tyres & found that, due ton the reduced circumference I didn't have the original 27 gears, now only effectively 14ish.

OK, so I then purchased a road crank & BB to match. While this is fitted without problem (fit wise that is) I now have the problem that the front mech is only suitable for the 44-32-22 chainring & not the 52-42-30 road chainring.

I now realise that it would have been almost as cheap to buy a road bike & shed to put them both in :eek:.

So if I replace the Sram X5 front mech (Sram X5 9 speed shifters) to one that will handle 52 tooth Triple chainring, which one should I get.

It does have the brazed in nuts on the frame although the Sram X5 is a clamp fit in the region of 31mm round tube. These nuts MAY be in the right position for the road mech but I may be better off with a clamp fit 'just in case'

I did manage to set it up & test ride a short distance and it seemed like the chainring/chainset combo with the hybrid tyres would suit my type of riding (don't need the very low gears) & it suggests that it would also suit the 'slicks' setup as well but the front mech changes weren't right and were 'rattling' the cage in one of the rings.

I have learned a lot 'playing' about with the bike but in the scheme of thing it would leave room for War & Peace to be written on a pin head along side it