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    >>Mark Hickey wrote:
    >>>I love fixies....
    >>>(that's mine)... but the thought of doing a century on one geared for
    >>>a 20% hill makes me shudder.
    >>>Yep, that's a 53-16 on mine.

    > "Qui si parla Campagnolo" <[email protected]> wrote:
    >>Pretty-here is mine

    Mark Hickey wrote:
    > Very nice. Makes me feel like a girlie man that mine never gets snow
    > on it... sigh...
    > I hate running out of gear going down hills or downwind, and like to
    > climb out of the saddle (obviously, huh?). ;-)

    did you say 'snow'?

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  2. Qui si parla Campagnolo wrote:
    > [email protected] wrote:
    > > What happened to the Calfee?
    > >
    > > R

    > Gone for about 2 years, sold it..MUCH happier with Moots, both the
    > bicycle and the company.

    Interesting. I'm way behind the times. Here I was still
    thinking that I might want a Calfee some day, based partly
    on your (now outdated) advice. What happened?

  3. On Sat, 03 Dec 2005 00:59:02 -0600, A Muzi wrote:

    > did you say 'snow'?



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