Hand pain help


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May 22, 2023
Long time lurker here, first time poster.

I hereby summon the Sages.

I need your advice on a hand injury, maybe you've experienced a similar situation, or know someone/read about it. I'll really appreciate any leads on the diagnose, the right professional to approach, tests, etc.

For the past week I've been suffering from pain in my right hand. It started while cycling up a mountain trail (light gravel), as a shooting pain starting in the bottom of my wrist (center) and going right to my thumb/index/middle fingers (I suspect nerve-related as it shoots up like through a pipeline). It was triggered by weight/pressure/effort on my hand, as soon as I was on the hoods or hit the brakes, it would kick in (9/10 pain). If pain wasn't triggered, there was a constant pain in a specific spot (middle of the union between the wrist and the forearm) but at a lower intensity (3/10). I aborted the ride and at one point on my walk home, all my fingertips went numb (I can't pinpoint what triggered it), it stayed like that for 5-10 min and then it went away (haven't had numbness since). While off the bike, weight, pressure and effort on the right hand triggered the pain. One week after the incident, pain hasn't gone away, though triggering sensitivity has decreased.

I'm 38, 100kg, I've been cycling for 10-15 years now, but long-ish distances (40-70km) for only the past year (training and prepping for long bikepacking trips), and I had wrist pain in the past year on those long rides (numbness), but they went away after a bike fit setup optimization. There was no gradual pain leading to last weak.

Post bike fit, I did mess with the hood position and I'm probably throwing my weight on my hands as I haven't been using my core; both could be our main suspects, I guess ;)

I'd like to get a diagnose to figure out what the damage is and what the recovery options are, and then back to a bike fit (no messin' around this time) and training to have the right position on the bike.

I live in Quebec, Canada, and while (most) health care is public, waiting times are insane and getting referrals from a GP are a pain. Unless I want to spend 3-4 months to get all the correct forms and authorizations, I really need to know the full roadmap to the right test/specialist by the time I meet my GP.

Any leads on what this thing could be?
Focalized tests? (EMG/Ultrasound/MRI?)
Does this sound like I'd need to check the spine? Other areas?
Would diagnose for this be something for a neurologist to assess? Physiatrist? Other?