Help a middle aged newbie buy a solid budget (possibly used) spinning bike


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Aug 25, 2012
Hi all, I am 46 and was a runner (college level) up till my mid 20's. Attempting to get back to jogging recreationally after a 20 year absence and man what a shock...legs feel destroyed after only a few miles and I know I need to do some serious cross training to get aerobically in shape. After checking out the options I have decided I am going to get a spinning bike to do at least 3 days a week. However I really have no idea what to buy and want real advice from athletes as opposed to just getting some reviews on amazon or reading ads on the internet. So here is my wish list after doing some googling...does such a bike exist (I have no problem buying used or last years model), at the price point I am looking at?

$400 but could go a bit higher (I want to make a one time life purchase on this)...

1) a solid unit with no rocking or creaking as I move to different spinning positions..

2) a fly wheel of 40 pound or even greater if folks here thing more weight equates to a better fee/workout...

3) a belt drive (I have read quite a bit on the belt vs chain and would also love some feedback on if that requirement is really important)

4) pedals that would allow me to buy bike shoes that I could clip in

5) resistance that was close to as responsive and smooth as you might get at a commercial gym bike.

What I don't care about

1) anything computerized

2) actually seat or pedals if those could both be picked up after market (don't want to lose out on a great bike that I could easily upgrade)

3) if it is used, refurbished or last years model.

Thanks all in advance. I do see many have suggested this sunny health and fitness, but I want some pro opinions and again really would not mind buying used at all.

Again thank you in advance for any thought/advice...
looks like you have it all figured out... just go for it