Help! Getting Back To Into Cycling And Need Advice To Choose A Bike


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Aug 27, 2015

I would like to get some opinions on these bikes I have been looking at. I am Colombian and live in Central Florida. I want to get back into cycling and I have been looking for some entry level bikes. I am trying to decide between these:

There are a lot of bike trails in my area and this is why I looked at the hybrid bikes. If I want to go off road one day the hybrid could work there as well, but the I like the diamondback sorrento as well because it has some of the same features of the hybrid but with 27.5 tires.

I do not want to spend more than 300. I want front suspension and I like the speed trigger shifters.

I appreciate your help and opinions.

Thank you


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Jul 13, 2004
NE Indiana
Personally, meaning this is my opinion, I wouldn't buy either of those 3 bikes, why you scream? Because they have a front suspension fork, and low end bikes means cheap suspension forks which equates into problems, in addition to that front suspension forks are kind of expensive about three times the cost of a rigid fork, this means they had to cut corners elsewhere which means they had to put the lowest end components they could find which means more trouble shortly down the road.

At the price range you're shopping in I would find a bike with no suspension components. You can't get a good suspension front forks until you're up into the $1,200 range and beyond!

I know you want a suspension fork but you will have a lot of headaches coming your way within a short period of time with the fork and the components. Suspension forks are only necessary for someone racing off road and need the suspension fork for better tracking, if you're racing that inexpensive fork will break quick. If you're not racing there is no need for a front suspension fork! If you want a front suspension fork for comfort you would be better served getting a suspension seatpost after you buy a non suspension bike.

Sorry, I hope I didn't burst any bubbles for you, but you wanted an opinion which is what I gave, of course you can do whatever you want.

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