Help looking to start biking


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May 17, 2010
I'm looking into to starting to do triathlons and want to start by buying a cheap bike to start off and see if I like it. I am 6' tall with a 36" inseam so my first question is how tall of a bike will I need?
Also here is a bike I found on craigslist. Can someone let me know if it seems like it could be a good bike to start with? Raleigh Marathon road bike

If you could help me with either question I'd greatly appreciate it! Thanks!


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Jul 25, 2009
Hi Sportgirl and welcome aboard.

I'm gonna give you the standard response I give to first time bike buyers:

Figure out your budget, then go to some bike shops in your area and ride some bikes in that price range....don't buy one, just ride them to see what size you need and to narrow down which brands/models you like.

Then post on here what bikes you are looking at and usually you'll get some good feedback to help you decide.

That Raleigh bike you were looking at is a good old bike, but if I were you I'd get something much newer..I think you'll be happier.


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Jun 3, 2010
All good points, but the old steel frames are work horses, and at $125 that is a good ride. The new bikes are great, but if you are an urban commuter, sometimes too much flash just draws thieves ( sadly ).

If you can get someone to vouch for the mechnicals on the Raleigh it is certainly worth considering. With your long legs, you may find few bikes that will really feel comfortable.

I'd take the first advice, but try and include the used bike in the mix.
Jun 6, 2006
Try an online fit calculator or three.

That's a guy's bike so for a fit according to conventional recommendations, you may need to buy a shorter stem, or alternatively, a different style of bar.

Every part on that bike should have interchangeable parts available brand new. They won't look exactly the same but if something fails you can easily buy an equivalent replacement that bolts right up and works. It can add up, though. Try,, or