I need a really great lock, but it needs to be as light as possible.


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Nov 24, 2012
Something a little more secure than your basic $10 padlock and steel cable.

Kryptonite and similar locks are great, but very heavy.

I am contemplating this Tigr Lock:

http://www.amazon.com/TiGr-Lock-titanium-bicycle-package/dp/B008E09D2Yadlock and steel cable.

Anyone know a really secure lock that is also lightweight as possible?
To be secure as possible, whatever you get needs to secure the front wheel, rear wheel and frame. Light and secure are generally mutually exclusive.

You may want to register your bike in the unfortunate circumstance that it is stolen.
There are some "organizations" that test out locks and give them a rating according to how secure they are. The locks then as advertized as "gold rating" "7/10" and stuff like that. Not to be confused with the company's -own- grading system. For example a Kryptonite Evolution D-lock is rated as "gold" from SoldSecure as is their NY Lock. But the NY lock has a higher safety rating in the company's rating system.

Maybe you wanna check the organizations catalogs. Here is for example the one for SoldSecure:


Other organizations are for example "ART" and some others. If you check some good-ish locks they will usually mention some of them on the wrapping or on their websites.

Maybe finding all the "Gold Rated", for example, bicycle locks from Sold Secure and then try to find the lightest one would be a good way to search.

Quote: Light and secure are generally mutually exclusive.