It's yer birthday and the cycling wife

Discussion in 'The Bike Cafe' started by Mr. Beanz, May 26, 2020.

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    SO my birthday was the 24th, turned 57. Can't believe I'm coming up on 60 cause I still feel 35. Might not look it but I feel it ha ha! :D

    But it pays to have a cycling wife. She asked what I wanted for my birthday, hmmm! I just bought a boatload of go pro accessories, links, mounts, alum thumbscrews on ebay so there is really not much to WANT. But hey, maybe some bike shorts? Of course everything is closed and I hate to buy dude without trying them on first.

    But had to go to the net seeing the shops I have access to sell itty bitty cycling stuff. Figure some of my jerseys are 5XL and I'm lucky to find a 2XL at local shops.

    But Pearl Izumi has a 60 fit trial deal with their cycling clothes online. So Hey, they have my size, I'll take a pair of shorts. Happy to have a new pair.

    But of course, the wife that cycles is an understanding wife. "YOU BETTER GET TWO!!!!", she says!. Wow I love this woman! :D:p:D