Looking To Replace Stolen Bike!


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Feb 2, 2014

I've recently had the Guess RB1 in the picture below stolen and was looking to get a bike with a similar feel and price range, having no experience with bikes other than that one i have no idea what to look for. I'd have preferred to buy the same bike but they dont seem to sell the full assembly anymore, so just wondering if anyone had any suggestions? Im likely not going to have the budget to buy for a good few months but wanted to get an idea early on...


The bike had shimano breaks and gears, and carbon forks... It seemed very light from what i know of bikes and i think it cost around £500 new? I bought it second hand from a friend for £50 so not entirely sure on the original pricing.

You would probably find the best deal by just going on your local craigslist. If you want to buy a used bike that is the best way to go. Carbon frames are extremely expensive, and tis going to be tough to find a new suitor one at that price. Good luck!
Second hand deals are getting better and better. Many times you can find an almost new bike for half price or less if we are fortunate enough.

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