Mavic Ksyrium SL SSC spokes


Sep 10, 2006
Does anyone have any of these lying around? I really need a rear, non-drive spoke, and of course they haven't been made for a few years and no one seems to have any left over.
If ANYONE has one and might be willing to part with one for a price I'd be one happy lycra-clad boy.
How is the spoke different from the current, updated versions of the SSC SL wheels?

I recommend that you EITHER contact MAVIC (directly) OR find a different LBS.
You can use different spokes, you seiously wont notice it while riding. Those wheels were junk anyway, i've had 2 sets and issues with both.
I was hunting for a Ksyrium SSC SL spoke last year but couldn't remember the year I bought the wheels ; if you know the year then either Mavic or a bike shop that sold these wheels can tell you the Mavic part number for the spoke ; I ended up measuring my broken spoke and found a bike shop here in Connecticut that still had some of them - as you know the older ones are out of production - as it turned out I think mine was 2006 with a part number of 32418201 ( Ksyrium SSC SL, silver, milled rim, rear, drive side, radial spoke)

I've attached info that I found online from the "Rogue Mechanic" and the bike shop here in Ct is :

Target Training
772 Post Road East
Westport, CT
phone = 203-227-6177

If you find a bike shop out of your area that has these and you don't know the year , then it's very important to measure the spoke very accurately in millimeters so that the shop has the correct spoke .

Good Luck !!!!