Michelin Pro Race

The Double Zero

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Apr 15, 2005
Has anybody experienced problems with michelin pro race tyres totally blowing out? This morning my rear exploded with a 1 1/2cm tear fully across the tyre. My friend said that he knows of three others experiencing the same problem.
I've been using the pro-race tyres for ages and the only problem I've had is the 20c's seem a tad twitchy on the handling but that may be something related just to my bike set up.

As for blow outs or even punctures these are very far and few between on the michelins I've had, nearly every one I've had to replace has been due to regular tyre wear.

I'm just wondering, shot in the dark really but if it's a failure occuring specificly across the tyre whether they've been stored badly as they're folded it's weakened across the tyre on the fold where something heavy may have been placed on top, as I say just a shot in the dark really.
In my opinion, this can happen to just about any 'performance' tyre, especially if you're using high pressures. I'd say most of the guys around here race on Michelins without much trouble

I've had 3 in recent months, but never on a Pro Race. The slashes I had went through the tyre and the tube. The 3 tyres were a Specialized Mondo Pro, a Schwalbe Columbierre and a Vittoria Open Corsa KS. Each time I went back to look for glass on the road, but all I could find were a few loose stones!!

as far as side walls go, as "Groucho" suggests below,:) damage such as scuffs and nicks seem to develop into larger problems, eventually, often resulting in a blowout. I try to check my sidewalls regularly, and patch minor scuffs from the inside before they get a chance to blow
My experience is almost the complete opposite of Aaron's.

I get very few flat tires but a real high percentage (maybe half) of the flats that I get result in sidewall tears that have me replacing the tire.

For a high performance tire you want light weight and nice supple sidewalls. Unfortunately, that's a receipt for more frequent caseing damage. It looks to me like the choices are to either buy heavier, more durable tires or learn to live with relatively frequent caseing failures.

There are reasons why bike tire manurfacturers make so many different models. One reason is so that you can select a tire that has the performance/durability balance that suits your riding style.
I've been racing Pro Races for years, love 'em. I rarely use them to train with though, prefering something like a Michelin Carbon or Hutchinson Carbon Comp for the increased durability.