New Polar Precision Performance software update


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Oct 23, 2002
I found the following information on another forum, the PPP software has gotten a pretty big update, including some much needed function (can you say distance based exercise curves and 15! definable reports)

The latest software update for PPP3SW is now available from Polar Finland at:

The most essential new features:

Email support:
Send exercises via email to your coach and keep exercises up-to-date on multiple computers.

Transfer exercises from your Polar S410, S510 and S520 to the Polar Precision Performance software.

Automatic Exercise Backup
Make backups of all your exercises automatically every month. A tool for restoring exercises is also included.

10 new report templates:
Create your own reports in full detail.

Distance based exercise curves:
View the exercises now based on distance, not only based on time.

Adjust Odometer
Edit the odometer value in S510, S520, S710, S710i and S720i.

Japanese language version
Select Japanese as you language in software, when using Windows XP.

The update file also includes correction for some bugs that existed in the previous software version.
Sounds like a great update! :D

Shame the download seems to be timing out for me all the time :mad:
You can grab the file from here :Update

Make sure you follow the instructions here though

My God, they've made great software even more brilliant. This is fantastic stuff.
Originally posted by rek
My God, they've made great software even more brilliant. This is fantastic stuff.

Its pretty good, i've just installed it and its great :D
Yeesh! Watch out for the new default colours on the report summary graphs! THey could have an eye out :p
More than 5 reports!!! Hoorayyy!!!

I also see that you can now specify heart rate zones based on heart rate reserve (Karvonen) calculations.

A cool e-mail facility. This is really cool stuff

The 10 extra reports are indeed a very nice addition...

Now all i need to do is to find out what would be useful graphs to fill those 10 extra reports with ;-)
I think I found a bug in the new software.

I don't seem to be able to add/edit lap lengths and as a result calculate pace/speed values

This feature is not really required for cycling but for other sports such as running.

Anybody else come across this problem ?

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none of those links work for me steve they both have probs? i cant wait to get it though :)

Have you been able to get the update? If not, let me know and i'll email it to you.

Thanks - my update was successful first time.

The graph based on distance, is a big improvement.
I have had a response from Polar on the disappearing lap length problem.
It would seem as if the watch thought I was cycling even though I was running. I am not sure if it is my setup or a true bug (will check)

However there is a workaround which I have posted below.

"There is a workaround to enable lap length field:

The software can be "fooled" so that it "thinks" that the HR data is saved without cycling information or using the HR monitor that does not have the cycling options e.g. with Polar S610.

- Open the HR file in Windows Notepad. The most conveniet way to open it as .txt format is to open the Exercise tab at the Diary and press the Ctrl-key down and then click the info button in the lower right corner.
- Change the monitor type at the 'Monitor' row in the [Params] section from 12 to 11: Monitor=12 -> Monitor=11
- Change all numbers at the 'Smode' row to zero: Smode=11100010 -> Smode=00000000
- Save the file and close the Notepad.
- Open the file and edit the distance in the 'Lap Times' dialog.

Note! After saving the file with new parameters speed, cadence and altitude data is set to zero.

Backup the file before editing that you can recover the file if needed."

Where can I download/purchase Polar Performance software? I got the S510 for Christmas, but it came with personal coach software which is horrible.

Thanks for any help.
Go to and find who is the distributor in your country.. BTW I think they have special upgrade prices running for those switching from PC-Coach to PPP.