Oh my gosh, aren't you cold ???

Mr. Beanz

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Aug 18, 2015
One thing that I like about cycling is that I believe it acclimates one to their surroundings. If one cycles in 105 temps, the heat on a usual day doesn't affect you much while others are passing out sitting in air conditioned rooms. :D

Then the cold, cycling in bike shorts on cold days, seems you won't freeze on a normal evening going out in shorts. The other night, I went out to dinner in shorts. I was wearing a shirt and an underlayer (another good thing about cycling). Also last night to stroll the mall, indoor mall. I had like 5 ask, "Oh my gosh, aren't you freezing?".:D Nope, I go cycling in temps colder than this in shorts.

Heck, out here, where temps are many times 100+, it only gets down to 40-50 degrees. On occasion, down to the 30's where I have done a majority of my cycling in shorts. So cold for our population is 50, I have no problems roaming around in shorts while others are wearing 2-3 layers and a jacket. :D

I do believe though, we adapt to our environment. I post this type of a thread on cycling forums and those snow guys will come out and say they cycling in 10 below. OK yes, I believe it but that is the difference in our areas so it is all relative. If I lived there, I'd be out cycling too. On the other hand, many of them think 80 degrees is too hot and sit at home in the AC while we ride in 110 temps. So it's all relative and my thread is comparing us cyclists to other non cyclists in our area.

I just think it is funny that cold to the non cyclist is not cold for a cyclist, and hot for the non cyclist is not hot for a cyclist. If most cases as there are always one here and there.:p