Questions about leg shaving


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Jul 14, 2021
Hi fellas

We're conducting research on why and how cyclists remove body hair and we'd love to hear from you about your opinions.

Your valuable feedback will help us provide better hair removal alternatives apart from existing methods for all the professionals and enthusiasts.

This should take no more than 2 minutes and your responses are completely anonymous.

We really appreciate your input!

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Never shave my legs. Wannabe bike racer type thing. Met too many guys on super bikes, wheels, blah blah blah blah that think it is going to make them faster. I say for crashing might help, but not being a dope, I don't crash but once every 10 years on a mountain bike off road. :D
While I'm pretty much like Mr. Beanz, when I became aware after my concussion after two years the hair on my legs was so long that I had to tuck it in my socks. I must have looked like Big Foot. It was never like that before and hasn't become that way since, but because it was I used electric barber's sheers and a normal razor to totally erase all of my leg hair.

The results? There was a significant and very noticeable reduction in drag on my legs and the people I could barely keep up with were reversed in position. Also, IF you ride a bike, sooner or later you're going to fall off. Because I was sort of relearning I fell off quite a bit. Hairless legs are a hell of a lot easier to clean injuries on and the bandages stick to the skin.

Last Tuesday I had a flat tire that went flat instantly and dumped me on the ground due to a crack in the pavement. I have been having to change dressings constantly since they don't stay on well with my leg hair.

While the increase in speed is nice, the easier cleanliness is better.