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Discussion in 'Road Cycling' started by Neil Cherry, Feb 14, 2005.

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    On Sun, 13 Feb 2005 21:09:55 -0600, Patrick Lamb wrote:
    > I know we've seen some interesting discussions about cycling when sick
    > and when recovering in the past. IIRC, the consensus was to dress
    > warmly, start slowly, and see how you feel -- if you're OK, go harder
    > and farther, if you start feeling worse, stop.
    > Any suggestions or recommendations on coming back from the flu when
    > most of my cycling time is during a commute? That seems to constrain
    > things a bit: if I start to ride, I'm pretty much committed to ride
    > all the way in to, or back from, work; on the ride in, I've got a
    > fairly rigid deadline (got to get there for the 8:00 meeting!); it
    > seems the only flexibility I have is to start way early to give myself
    > lots of extra time, and maybe to wear a couple of extra layers so I
    > can slow down if necessary and not get chilled.
    > For those who care, I'm much better, haven't had a fever for two days,
    > and I'd feel great if only I could hock that darned gooey tennis-ball
    > sized crap out of my lungs.

    I'd suggest at least 3 days off the bike and then a test ride, like
    Sorni suggested. Last year, I went out for a ride a few days after
    having the flu. The fever had broken and I felt fine. After the ride
    the fever came back and I was sick for 2 weeks (total).

    I just got over the flu, felt sick 3PM Saturday, fever broke around
    3AM, began feeling fine (no muscle aches) by 3PM. That was weird but
    I'm staying off the bike for a few more days. Of course I'm not

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