shimano BR-M525 disc brake - question


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Aug 30, 2004
First of all I'm new on this forum. I need your help guys. I've a problem with my BR-M525 disc breake. Question is, wheather it is possible to use rotor with bigger dimension than standard (160 mm, I wanna use 200 or 203mm) ? if yes what producer? There is one more thing due to adaptor, it has to be change too, right? Please give me a fidback, thx in advance, see ya.:)

(from Poland)
you can buy rotors from all good bike shops though you can order better ones over the fone eg. Hayes, shimano and hayes also make adaptors for larger rotors. ive got a 2002 Enduro and i upgraded to a 203mm front rotor and the extra power is amazing. If you want you can have a look on ebay for cheap adaptors. This is where i bought mine and i havent had a problem.
You gotta take into consideration what fork you are using. From a previous post, I take it you have Skarebs?? Upgrading to a larger rotor will place more force on the drop-outs, and on a XC fork like that, will most probably crack the dropouts eventually. Something that is not pretty.
Not neccesarily. The position may change the leverage, but not always in a detrimental manner. Its the same ammount of energy being dissipated.