Sport Drinks


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Feb 16, 2005
Please, answer the following questions in reference to your selection in sport drinks and include any other examples you may have:
1) What flavors do you prefer?
2) Does healthy ingredients play a role? If so, specify. (ie. Amount of sugar, type of carbohydrate, food coloring, etc)
3) What type of convenience do you look for in a sports drink? (ie. Size, shape, cap or squeeze & squirt, etc)
4) Does appearance have an effect on you? If so specify. (ie. colors, logos, etc)
5) Does it have to contribute to your performance or recovery? If so, specify how. (ie. Vitamins such as b6 and b12, quick hydration, protein, etc)
6) What sports do you play?

7) Please list any other criteria that contributes to your selection in choosing a sports drink.

8) Do you think Gatorade/Powerade could be bettered in any way? If so, specify how.

Thanks in advance to those who answer!! :)