Sure loves me sum ebay

Mr. Beanz

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Aug 18, 2015
So easy and can find just about anything cycling related. Like the brakes. I can find them at the shop for about $15-$19, way overpriced. Here I get 5 pair for $40 and I can find more than one set vs lucky to find one in the shop.

The bell. I like a bell because it's easier than shouting ahead while approaching other cyclists from 20 yards. Just ordered one because it's easy on ebay vs driving to several local shops hoping they have the model I want.

Then the go pro Cygolit adaptor. Allows me to connect my Cygolite headlights to the same mounts I use for my Go Pro recorders. Good luck trying to find this at a local bike shop.

FTR, I like ebay (up front on deliv info) and amazon sucks! Amazon is deceptive and plays games with delivery time trying to get you to upgrade delivery service speed. I'll take ebay any day!

I ordered the little light adapter 4 days ago and already today, it's here!

This ebay store called Trail This has awesome deals at times. A couple of my ride buddies have ordered from them after I suggested the seller. The 4 pack Chamois cream is available for $44, and 3 pack for $33. Great deals on some things and these tubes are $19 each at the local bike shops. Can't beat the price.

Also got my Charge Spoon saddles there, about $28 each, I got 3 of them now over a couple months time.

Also 3 pack of Conti GP5000 tires for $134.

Got some good stuff there as far as accessories.

Probably my favorite bike ebay store.