This Forum Has Gotten Irritating Thanks To Apathetic Mods And Jswin

gavinfree said:
Meh. I find it annoying when people double-post things, especially on purpose, and I'm not a fan of dredging up inactive posts that were solved a long time ago, but I'm not going to expect a small team of mods to handle every single post on here like that. It's not reasonable to have such high expectations. I don't know many forum moderators that are full-time forum mods after all!
The solved posts I'm not a fan of either but then if a poster has a similar problem that they want to solve, or the same problem that was not solved as described in the thread, then I think it may be OK to dredge up, much like other general topics are.

Most of the old threads at at the least 3 years old and it seems like not a lot of the "old guard" are around now, so it's sort of giving new life to the forums by bringing the older topics back for discussions.