Upgrade from Mountain Bike to what?

Discussion in 'Cycling Equipment' started by Guest, Apr 16, 2002.

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    I'm 47 yrs of age & have been riding a mountain bike but only on the road, did the Argus this year OK.
    I want to upgrade to either a hybrid or a racing bike, some people tell me to go for a hybrid & others say a racing bike.
    I have to consider my age & also I'm tall (big frame).
    I have R6000 - R8000 + trade in to spend.

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    Aug 11, 2001
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    Depends what you wanna do and why you wanna change your bike. A hybrid gives you a good alternative if your'e happy with your times on your current mountain bike, but want a lighter bike. A racer means a change in 'attitude'.
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    A road bike is the only way to go.

    I suggest you equip it with SHIMANO components. Works well, looks best! Hehehehe

    IMO, riding a road bike is the best feeling in the world. Try it!

    Oh, and don't try to achieve the aggresive position that you see pros on TV do. You'll need to start a bit more upright at first.
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    Bruce - Dont listen to guys promoting shimano groupsets. They lie. I've got the shimano 105 9speed and it sucks. Go for campag's. They are smoother and not "loose" or sy as the shimano's. Bike? If you want to be competitive, meaning - put good times against your name, you have to go for a road bike. Value for money (R8000 plus trade in) Try the GIANT range. Try to find a shop with last year's model. It should be cheaper than the new range. You'll get better quality and middle of the range instead of bottom of the range Treks, C/Dales etc.
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    Bruce, don't listen to people who say Shimano sucks. I think Pothole should bring his bike to the LBS and have the shifting/braking adjusted

    I am currently using a Shimano 105 gruppo, and it works like a dream. No missed/clunky shifts. No broken parts in more than a year! Imagine how D/A would be like if 105 already performs so well!

    Leaving the Shimano-Campagnolo war, I'd suggest you also try both groupsets. I prefer Shimano because my hands love the feel of their STI levers. I tried a Record Ergopower, and I just hated that mouse ear shifter. Ptoooie!

    In the end, it is all about personal preference.

    Anyway, why are we arguing about this? Bruce was not asking about Shimano or Campy. ;D
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    Morning Altwegg.. No , dont understand me wrong, maybe I'm frustrated about this noisy and loose sti's and you may be right in saying that the Local bike shops is not up to standard. You must remember that Client Service in SA is a rumour. My bike is booked for a service(again) by a Pro-Shop for next week. Hope they can do something about this. About the Campag and Shimano thing, I cant get involved with that. I must buy what I can afford and it could be any of the two.
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    Ah, the infamous STI rattle! Well, so far, I haven't experienced any despite crashing my STIs several times! I guess I'm just lucky. Try checking the other forums (roadbikereview, etc.) because they've posted some solutions to the STI rattle over there. Apparently, the solustion is simple :)
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    Altwegg.. I did that cilicone sealer job, the plactic caps are quiet, but it sound that there is noises within the sti head. There were the levers is connected with the system. My levels feels "loose"/ "play" on it. I did tighten the outside screws before I pack it with sealer. It could be that the guys will fix it next week. Hope so.
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    Hmm, maybe your LBS mechanic can figure this one out easily. If you have to take your STIs apart, I suggest you don't do it!