What supplements do you guys like using?


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Jan 6, 2021
Hi everyone I hope u guys are doing well. I want to know what supplements or diets you guys are using to boost your stamina and manage fatigue. Are there any special vitamins that you are incorporating in your diet, eating more meat for example. I've recently started cycling to build muscle so I wanted to hear experiences before I start with my own diet.
It's nice to see that someone else is also cycling for building muscle full stop when I started cycling it was to build muscle even though now I just do it as a hobby. So I might be able to help you with diet. Generally if you are trying to build muscle you want to take care that you eating a good amount of protein. Now this can be in the form of a red meat or a lot of green and you can maybe even supplement your diet with a protein shake such as with Greek yoghurt and cashews. I did start taking supplements because I could not keep up with making elaborate meals everyday.
Can you share the places where you got your recipes from. That would be very helpful. Also what supplements did you start taking. Thank you
I don't use any supplements on a regular basis, I simply do my best to get what I need through the foods that I eat. I do get a blood test every year and if the doc sees that I might need a supplement then fine I will take one, but so far that has not been the case in over 60 years. I don't even take vitamin D even though I live in an area that has not only reduced sunlight in the winter but I'm not outside as much during that time either.

You probably noted that I said on a regular basis, if I get a cold, I will take Cold-Eze to try to shorten the duration and the severity of the cold, and it usually works quite well as long as I start taking the Cold-Eze at the first signs of a cold.

What I do is not intended for all people, my wife, for example, her body cannot get enough vitamin D from the food that she eats, so she takes a supplement that the doc recommended. So it depends on you, it does not depend on what you think or have read, a doc should be the one to recommend that you need a supplement based on tests they run, most people who eat healthy foods in a balanced diet do not need a supplement. I know the health/vitamin industry will try to make you believe you need all of this stuff, it simply is not true, it's based on bad or fraudulent science due to twisting the facts.

I was friends with two highly educated health/diet/supplement women who worked in the industry, they were of course educated into that way of thinking, they eat and took supplements to protect them from all sorts of ailments including cancer, they both died from cancer. Over the years I've heard of several others who also died of cancer that were highly educated in this field. I have a sneaking feeling that these supplements may not be very good to take, it's like they overloaded themselves and it became toxic, and over a prolonged exposure to these toxins they ended up dying from the very thing they thought they were protecting themselves from.

The other thing too is that the body knows how much vitamins and minerals it needs, anything it can't use is peed out, this is why people who take vitamins and minerals will notice that their pee is a bright yellow, they are peeing out their expensive vitamins and minerals without the body using any of it.

So I'm a big advocate of eating correctly, getting blood tests done once a year to check on such things as well as other things. And let a doctor tell you what you should be taking or not taking. I find it interesting that most doctors recommend not taking anything either, and those that do simply recommend a cheap 1 a day vitamin supplement you can find at Walmart or CVS etc. A lot of people as they get older, usually in their 80's and above have problems with absorbing vitamin B's so the doctor will know this and give those people a vitamin B shot.
To strengthen your muscle you've to use natural things like vegitable and forutes. We're alwaye use hard bites and preserveing thing in our daily life rutines which basically not much healpfull for our muscle.
get some fishing equipment and catuch some big fish, Fish meats are best diets for our body muscle.
My best Friend which is running a business is always visiting the lack to catch some bigs fish. he is also a lover of cycling
Lots here are getting on sarms and others are following some kind of TRT program. Its a bit odd really.
I am using protein supplements. I work out a lot, so I need a lot of protein in my organism
If you want to increase muscle mass you have to go to the gym. Your muscles get stronger on a bicycle. In the gym your muscles will increase
I built muscle in my early life. Eating protein and no supplements. I don't put junk into my body other than food.

My body type is such that I put on muscle easily.

20 years later, I still have muscle but cycling is a heart conditioning exercise I need to enjoy my later years.

At 59, I work in the sun all day wearing steel toes and lifting steel. So I get my muscle maintenance exercise but also need to intake electrolytes.

So now, I take electrolytes like Pedialyte Sport, Liquid IV , and Propel to stay hydrated.

Other than that, at 59, I only take Centrum one a day for old guys.

And I'm feeling great on the bike cranking out solo 50 and 60 miles.

6'1 and 240, I don't need any more muscle.

For me, a mid-morning fruit/yogurt snack.
Served with wholemeal bread sandwiches, and leftover pasta.
An afternoon snack of fruit/unsalted nuts.
In the evening meal: fish/other lean meat with rice/pasta/vegetables.
That’s a good question. However, when choosing supplements, you should orient on your overall wellbeing and health analysis. Sometimes they boost vitamins or hormones, which we already have in a big amount, which leads to huge problems
That’s a good question. However, when choosing supplements, you should orient on your overall wellbeing and health analysis. Sometimes they boost vitamins or hormones, which we already have in a big amount, which leads to huge problems
So if you want to do it right, get a blood test first. And before you take supplements, consider changing your eating habits if they are unhealthy. These are simple rules, and we all know about them: less carbs, less fat and more protein. But don't try to eat only protein; healthy carbs and fats are essential to our bodies. More about supplements here at purerawz.co