Winter training camps


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Oct 24, 2002
I am wondering who uses winter training camps to give them that 'edge' before the racing season.(only really applicable to those who have terrible weather during the winter(like myself).When do you think is the best time to go, Jan Feb,March, taking in mind start of first races beginning end of March and 'A' races In May June and August.<br /><br />cheers
Training camps are a great idea! But where do you live and where are you planning to go?<br /><br />If you go earlier in the year take it easy and be aware of bugs that may appear when your return home.<br /><br />Best plan is to get some training under your belt, go on the camp later in the year and then have a week easy when you get back before you start very hard training and racing.<br /><br />Be careful that you don't get ill on your return to the cooler climate when you are fatigued, otherwise all of your work will be wasted!
Stay in the uk and was thinking about either Spain or Majorca.Still training during the winter(mainly endurance/strength) either on the road with mudguards, gloves,hats etc or if its too bad, on the trainer.
Jeez and we complain here in SA if the temperature gets below 10 degrees celsius. We're actually really lucky, I think if you are well set up there is never a reason not to cycle here, other than the middle of the day during the middle of summer when its best just to find an expanse of water of some kind and get into it. <br /><br />The training camp thing sounds nice, but here its hardly something one would use because one can't train otherwise, more just as a more intense training session.