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Discussion in 'UK and Europe' started by Paul.Obinson24, Dec 23, 2003.

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  1. James Hodson

    James Hodson Guest

    On Sun, 28 Dec 2003 12:09:39 -0000, "Russ"
    <[email protected]> wrote:

    >Get my skiing holiday over and done with ...

    Over and done with? How dare you, Russ. (Get that carbolic soap and wash your mouth out.)

    Enjoy your time in USA.


    "Sorry mate, I didn't see you" is not a satisfactory excuse.

  2. Still for sale, yes. I am sure once x-mas is over there will be more interest in it. Got a nice new
    XLT Gold arriving soon. Like a kid with a new toy!

    I take part in road races up and down the UK and so there may be an opportunnity to have a test ride
    in your vicinity during 2004. Sadly i don't know the race dates yet. Our races are also a good
    chance to try a variety of handbikes without any sales pressure. There are always a few buddies on
    hand to aid with transfers.

    Whereabouts you living? What level are you?? (I could put you in touch with someone of similar level
    and they can give you an honest opinion on the pros and cons)

    Russ wrote in message <[email protected]>...
    >Ah ha - I see :)
    >I also see the post was cross posted to urc - Doh! must look at headers:)
    >No bike as yet - will seriously look into it in the spring - as you point out the weather's not
    >exactly conducive at the moment ! You still got yours for sale? If you hadn't been so blasted far
    >away I'd have done something about that opportunity butI'm not sure I'd be able to transfer into
    >the low slung seat, actually getting in would be easy enough, it's getting out again that would
    >have been difficult. I suspect that (actual) racing may be a bit away but it would be nice to
    >to just take part later in the year - although people who know me know that I'm rarely content to
    >just take part for long:)
    >Get my skiing holiday over and done with (two weeks in Colorado in Feb courtesy of the backup
    >trust) and get back to work and then I'll hopefully get something sorted out and will likly be
    >pestering you for advice.
    >Cheers Russ
    >"paul.obinson24" <[email protected]> wrote in message news:p[email protected]
    >> Russ, Got a bike yet?? Gonna come racing??
    >> I have a turbo trainer already - bike is set up as we speak. But also fancied rollers for the
    >> racing wheelchair, supposed to be good for
    >> and would stop me making excuses !
    >> Russ wrote in message <[email protected]>...
    >> >
    >> >"Islander" <[email protected]> wrote in message
    >> >news:[email protected]...
    >> >>
    >> >> "paul.obinson24" <[email protected]> wrote in message news:[email protected]
    >> >> win.server.ntli.net...
    >> >> > Basically these are a set of "rollers" which you can put a
    >> or
    >> >> > cycle onto, and train static in the comfort of your home when the
    >> >weather
    >> >> is
    >> >> > too cold, wet, snowy, dark etc.
    >> >> >
    >> >> > A sort of crude treadmill for wheelchair racers (but the same
    >> >are
    >> >> > used by cyclists as well). Sorry but it isn't an easy item too
    >> >and
    >> >> > if you have a set of rollers then i would suggest thats as much
    >> >as
    >> >> > you need?? No offence intended.
    >> >> >
    >> >> > I am thinking of buying a set but thought it would be worth looking
    >> >> 2ndhand
    >> >> > before laying out the money. They are the sort of item that people
    >> >and
    >> >> > then get sick of using or move on to other sports and disregard.
    >> >> >
    >> >> > The following link may or may not help. (TACX1025 ecotrack)
    >> >> >
    >> >> >
    >> >>
    >> s
    >> >> > &id=18
    >> >> >
    >> >> > Not very exciting!!! Certainly not as exciting as funny fag rollers!
    >> >> >
    >> >> >
    >> >> >
    >> >> OK.. hands up those of you who thought that this is what Paul
    >> >No
    >> >> one????? Mmmm wonder why? Nice explanation Paul and I see what you need now...... Never
    >> >> heard of
    >> >them
    >> >> of course... but one never knows. Would an ordinary treadmill work? or
    >> are
    >> >> they specifically for wheelie bins? Would an engineer be able to build
    >> one
    >> >> for less than the cost of a new one? Dave (We do have some pretty inventive folk here you
    >> >> know) Dave
    >> >
    >> >Well I knew exactly what Paul wanted - cycling rollers is an exact
    >> technical
    >> >term and any keen cyclist would know what they were. I have a turbo
    >> >in the garage, sort of computerised set of rollers but I'm hanging on to mine in the hope of
    >> >getting a hand bike in the not too distant future.
    >> >
    >> >Paul - have a look on ebay or ask on uk.rec.cycling. I assume you're
    >> >to use yours on your hand bike and as such a straightforward cycling set
    >> >would be fine, but you'll know that anyway.
    >> >
    >> >Usually a fair few of these around second hand.
    >> >
    >> >Russ
    >> >
    >> >
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