2007 KHS Flite 700 road bike for $550


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Mar 14, 2012
Hello experts,

I am looking at buying a LIKE NEW (as described by owner) 58cm KHS Flie 700 aluminum/carbon road bike with about 50 miles on it! All Campagnolo components, Easton Vista wheelset and Kenda Criterium tires.

I'm just wondering if this is a good deal...I am looking for a good bike for riding long distance but mostly for daily commuting.

Thanks for the help!
That's a tough call without seeing it and making sure gears are not worn, and there's no damage to the frame and especially the carbon fiber fork and stays. Make sure the bike fits before buying it, and take it for a 5 mile ride if the seller will let you, you may have to leave your car keys behind so he doesn't get nervous. Make sure the seller has proof he bought the bike new with a receipt! If you buy the bike make sure you get to keep the receipt and any other stuff that came with the bike when they purchased it like accessories such as a pump, water bottle cages etc, and owners book.

Campy Mirage components are lower end Campy stuff probably similar to Shimano Sora but instead of using plastic internal parts like the Shimano, Campy uses metal which improves it's durability over the Sora but at a slight weight penalty; personally I would rather have durability. Also the lower price point components won't shift as snappy and the braking action won't be as smooth as higher end stuff of course.

If the bike is in great like new shape as the seller says it is then I would probably go for it. I did see one for sale about 6 to 8 months ago for $250 but there was no clue given as to the miles on the bike. I would offer the seller $450 and see what happens; if he says no way, ask him what his lowest price would be. I think if you offer $450 and he says no he might settle for $500; but don't appear giddy over the bike because if he perceives you must have the bike he won't budge on the price. He's probably had offers of $400 and hasn't sold it, don't treat the person rudely or start insulting his bike.

If you do buy the bike don't go out and start buying upgrades or pondering upgrades, wait until a part fails then upgrade as needed. The current component package could last many years. The most noticeable upgrade will be the wheels, but unless your going to be racing don't bother till the rims wear out or you get a couple of years of extensive riding under your belt.

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