Campy Chorus seatpost failure

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    It pains me to report that a Campy part has failed. It's the second Campagnolo part to fail me in 35 years of cycling (the first was a left side Super Record crank arm with the lightening groove).

    Yesterday, I crested a short, steep climb and sat back down in the saddle...and the saddle rotated about 10° to the right! I thought the seat tube binder clamp (2-screw type) had come loose, but a quick roadside inspection told the tale.

    Whatever glue that was used to bond the aluminum seat clamp base into the carbon let go with no warning.

    I rode the last 9 miles home with no problems. The clamp base never loosened up in the carbon tube, but the rotational movment did become increasingly easy to induce.

    The bike/post had 874 miles on it with no crashes or abuse. My 2006 Litespeed with 5,600+ miles on it has the same post with no issues so far. Both bikes are set up within a couple millimetres of each other.

    I think Campy just had a day in building that one. A freebie is on the way with an RGA shipping label courtesy of the good folks at Colorado Cyclist.

    Is anyone else aware of any other Campy seatpost failures?