Cramping off the bike



Lately I have started getting cramps, especially in bed just as I'm waking up. My legs usually feel a little fatigued, but not sore. So I give them a small stretch, then it happens. Usually it's my hamstring and calves (at the same time) Not very pleasant as you're not exactly awake yet. (However, you definately are after it's happened.)

I take Magnesium supplements (Uvimag) and use a good Carbo drink during my training. I do stretch after a ride. Any guesses on why this may be happening?
Don't stretch immediately after waking up, and don't stretch while laying in bed. Stand up and walk around for a few minutes in order to restore proper and efficient blood circulation to the legs. Restricted or poor blood flow can cause cramps through slow or delayed 'removal' of metabolites such as lactic acid and ammonia in the muscles (by-products of excessive exercise).
I think it has a lot to do with being dehydrated. If I ever do cramp, which is seldom, it's usually when I am dehydrated or after a weekend of too much alcohol. It seems to me also that men cramp more than women, I dont know if you guys just push it harder but I personally think it has to do with the fact that women naturally retain more water. I'm no scientist- just my theory. :)