Cyclist knives pedestrian

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    This news article reminded me of the recent thread of cyclists yielding to pedestrians.

    Cyclist knives disabled woman who was slow to yield way

    A disabled Tokyo woman is receiving treatment for a stab wound after a man furious that she took a
    long time to maneuver out of the path of his bicycle attacked her, police said Wednesday.

    The man screamed out "Move" as he cycled head-on toward the woman on Tuesday afternoon, then whipped
    out a paper cutter and stabbed her in the stomach when she was slow in getting out of his way on a
    pavement in Nakano-ku.

    Screaming, "serves yourself right," the man cycled away from the scene while his victim, who has a
    disability in her legs that prevents her from walking properly, called for medical treatment. She
    has been examined by physicians and is expected to recover from her wound.

    Police said the assailant appeared to be in his early 40s, standing about 162 centimeters tall with
    gray hair and a beard. He was wearing a gray T- shirt and beige trousers at the time he went
    berserk. He was riding a white bicycle with a basket on the front of it. (Mainichi Shimbun, Japan,
    May 7, 2003)

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Thread Status:
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