Museeuw admits to doping...

Museeuw - "I did things that weren't allowed. I will keep fighting for a clean sport, but what happened, I can't set straight any more."

Yup, let's put Dracula in charge of the blood bank... :rolleyes:
Johan Museeuw (Belgium) is the Bill Romanowski (USA) of steroid confessions.

NFL Romo denied, lied, had his wife charged with a federal crime of selling steroids and amphetamines to his Denver Bronco teammates, had the NFL intervene, cut a deal, then in his final year in Oakland he bashed in his teammate's eye socket during practice (roid rage)---ending that guy's football career.

Romo never apologized until after he was sued for battery in civil court--and lost. He was assessed a $350,000 judgment.

During the very same time period the BALCO steroid, female hormone, EPO, testosterone cream, clear, cortisone Viagra case broke---and guess who had a medical chart there: Bill Romanowski.

He continued his empty denials, despite the many leaks to the contrary. He quietly retired from the NFL and then wrote a book where he CONFESSED to doping in his final year. Museeuw must have just read it and used the script.

These athetes are pathological liars. All addicts are.

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