My second cat 4 race - another video for you guys to watch.

I look at you training video. I enjoy watch. I wish i can ride with your group. i not know if i can follow but i will try. With my bike i have do average speed 15.5 miles i think is was i have do 30 miles. Is big warehouse is half mile lap around the building but is get boring i do 60 laps. I not have anyone to ride with. One man i work with is used ride at work every day. i ride with him once i have single speed bike this time. I cant follow him i have 42/16. Is weird that man when i buy my road bike i have now and i think i ride with him every day he is stop ride at work
Goon Ride Lite
Where is that area you ride, I like that bike line next to the sea and i like all that roads you ride.
Perfectly 60 Minute Indoor Cycle Training Workout
4x Intervals a 10 min.
Cycling Island Number # 1 Mallorca
Passing those cars on the descent was insane!

Nice video, Cube and great music as usual.
Collin, I wondered what you were up to. I was hoping you were still racing and training on the Goon Ride.

Ovals are boring, but fast and fairly safe. We used to race on a 1/4-mile paved speedway (banked like a velodrome!) oval and the speeds up there. Fun!

I hope all is well with you and your family and that your days are getting warmer!
Hey Bob, I'll let you know when I gain the common sense to stop racing. Weather is a little better and now I have to start hurting myself training to get back that fitness I had late last season. I'm much better at positioning than I was when I first started racing but I need MORE POWER!
2 races today. Here's the bad one.. I'll have a better one to upload tomorrow.


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