My second cat 4 race - another video for you guys to watch.

Colin...proving old shimaNO still works! After seeing all those guys biff it in the second race and after the compound fracture of the collar bone in the first race, I would have sat up, too.

Nice work chasing the two riders down. REALLY nice work hauling ass into third place.

I hope the injured are all on their way to recovering. Crashing sucks.

Was that an NCVC guy in the white and red you were following up the right side?
Yeah, NCVC, he put out a tremendous amount of power. We were going 30 mph up that hill and it hits 4% at least. Then he had enough to keep going to fight off everyone else.
I'm old enough to remember when the NCVC jersey was made out of wool.

A 1971 race with two NCVC riders lined up in the front row. Other than hairnets going to helmets, toe clips & straps going clipless and bikes gaining a bunch more gears, not much has changed. You still have to find the courage to go to the strating line.

Jeez that first pic... That guy is about to not have a face anymore.

Cool second pic. Are you in the shot?
No, I am not in the second picture. That race took place in 1971. I started racing in 1972.

While looking around the NCVC website's History/Archives section I found some great photos from 'back in the day'.

I saw copies of applications for the ABLA (forerunner to the USCF/USAC) racing licenses of various club members. That brought back memories of trying to scrounge up enough money for passport photos...they had to have two copies no larger than 2" x 2" that were attached to your license so that...I don't didn't have John Allis stand in for you at a local criterium where a steel frame was the grand prize (amateur money was at least publically non-existent!) as cash was strictly prohibited.

I got to dig up my old ABLA card.

Racing back then was probably more risky with the hairnets and most guys on sew-ups, but I remember it as a more gentlemanly time and riders took less risks for that $5 trophy.

I can't remember exactly 'when' it started to get so brutal, but sometime in the early 1980's it started...guys would kill their mothers to win those cheesy fake gold, silver and bronze medals on the red, white & blue ribbons.

Now, as a second season 4, you are able to focus on the poor decisions and lack of skill (uh, that guy going wide in the corner and crashing all by himself instead of hopping the curb or better still, just keeping it leaned over for another two seconds...) racers exhibit. Lap after lap of being unaware of what is going on around them...yet strong enough to drill it on the front. Freaky dangerous!

Stay focused always keep one eye scanning the field for those nervous nellies and freds. Upgrading to a 3 gets you away from some of the stupid ****, but the stupid **** that still remains just happens that much faster.

Keep your videos coming! If we would have had cameras when I vids would be hysterical! Catching a team mate in a fist fight in the middle of a fast climb! Listening to guys swear up a blue streak when a chase couldn't be organized. They guy that **** himself in the middle of a road race! My buddy bent over the back bumper of an ambulance getting his ass cheeks de-graveled with a scrub brush and hydrogen peroxide! Epic FAIL!
Oh, forgot to mention...

Who wore short shorts? We wore short shorts!

Short wool shorts with genuine leather chamois, no padding! Most of the thigh sticking out to get tanned and the girls loved those shapely legs on a hippie bike racer with a beard 40 years before Wiggo and Paolini sported fur faces!

And hair? In the 1970's the refs were always on the racers to, "Cut that damn hair! You look like a girl and you're going to give the sport a bad name! Tuck that up under your hat or you don't race today!"

Our refs always wore suits and the ones that wore ascots were so pretentious and stuck up it wasn't funny. So very proper and everything by the rule book.
Bob I'm just going to venture a guess and say it was the cocaine that led to more aggressive racing.

When are you going to break out the photos of YOU racing?
I think. I could scan some of my ones Matthew Brady shot of me!

I know there's a pic of me from TOSRV 2007 floating around the web...hang on...

Sadly, this is typical of almost all of the pictures I'm can't see me! I'm mostly obscured by my friend, Dennis...the fellow leaning against the railing of the outdoor beer garden in German Town, Columbus, Ohio after the 105-mile run on Sunday's return leg of the tour. Dennis was an old team mate from two teams we rode on together. The guy with the headband is my friend, Phil. He used to be a USCF moto-ref, but he got sick of the long distance travelling every weekend to do races and returned to his roots...road cycling. AFAIK, Phil never raced.


If you blow the pic up and look REAL closely you will see my handsome mug under Dennis' left elbow! I was hammered after fighting a 20-MPH constant headwind the entire day. I forget what sandwich I had at the bar, but I vaguely remember tossing back a significant number of Rum & Cokes in tall glasses while we spent a couple hours hydrating and watching other riders finish the event (you can see one in the street at the right edge of the picture).
Google pulls up nothing. I did find this shot of Donnie V. in one of the team jerseys for an outfit a bunch of us raced for:


Donnie must be about 15 in this pic and he was a talented Junior. Sadly, he died of a massive stroke at the age of 28.

From the text of the article on Donnie:

"My friends Dennis B. (he's the 'Dennis' in the TOSRV pic above), Paul C., Dan B. and Bob K. (that be me!) were in the race, a 30 mile road race finishing back in town. They later said I was the smartest one for not racing.
Anyway, the finish ended in a bunch sprint, with a young rider sneaking up on the outside. Almost to the line, he was pinched into the curb and crashed, big time."

Oh yeah...I remember that sprint crash.

It was a 2-lane road with merchants having pushed their products out in front of the curb like a sidewalk sale since the road was closed to vehicle traffic for some town festival and the bike race held in conjunction with the festivities.

The sprint was up a slight grade and we flew into town and drilled it towards the finish line.

Donnie lit it up and went up the side of the road. I don't know exactly what caused the crash, but Donny and his bike went flying through some clothing store's hanging racks of dresses, coats and stuff like something out of a Three Stooges film. He literally got tangled up in all the clothing and **** and fell onto the road wearing about six layers of women's clothing. Donnie wasn't hurt too badly and man did we tease him about that for the rest of the season.

Off to see if any more pics are out there...
Good photos Bob. It's too bad you don't have more action shots. Sorry to hear about your friend.
I found a few color prints, but only one can you see me in. I'll see if I can scan it and post it on Monday.

Donny V. was awesome. What a great young man. He was in phenomenal condition his whole, short life and to die so young was a real tragedy.

That's my skinny white ass in the summer of 1985.

Pinarello meets Buick. Buick wins.

That's from a (poor quality) scan of an old print. It's also one of three Pinarellos that got totaled while I was onboard. Bad juju bike for me! And I still have a Montello and a Treviso at the other house!

The Buick made a left in front of my like I was the Invisible Cyclist. I did a 2-1/2 forward flip over the trunk lid and landed on a manhole cover in the middle of a busy intersection.

I had only minor injuries and the accident occurred right in front of the Emergency Room entrance of a local hospital. The Campy rim was broken into four pieces. The fork, top tube and down tube were FUBAR. That was one of my favorite crit bikes.
That was the year I was born Bob. Now I'm crashing Pinarellos or at least almost crashing. The cycle continues. You look tall as hell for a cyclist!

I spent most of this race thinking and coming up with strategies and it ended as I predicted (with a crash).

****! Now I feel...even older! :(

I'm 6' 1" and my only racing talent was my climbing. I could corner like an F1 car, but I had no real power. My sprint was and still is laughable. In a stiff side or headwind I suffer like a dog...a dog with no powah!

I thought of you last Friday afternoon from watching your HR data on your videos. I blew out of work early and drove up to the Cuyahoga Valley National Park to do some training on new roads. I descended into the valley (300' to 500' elevation change) and climbed up out of it a couple of times. My heart rate spiked at 188 and I held it there on one of those climbs. Not bad for an old fart!

I bought that Pinarello while I was on vacation in Colorado from Denver Spoke. That was the shop that sponsored Alexi Grewal...the cyclist that won the Gold Medal in the 1984 Olympic Men's Road race in L.A. A very well-doped Olympics! Alexi's winning bike hung from the ceiling and other than the paint job, that Pinarello was a mate to his.

I don't think I had it 6 months when it was totaled.

Man! I can't remember where that Harley T-shirt came from!

And speaking of not remembering...I forgot to snag a couple old prints and bring them here to my scanner! <Annie>Tomorrow...tomorrow...I'll engage my brain tomorrow!
NCVC had the biggest squad in the race and wanted to set up a sprint? Weird.

Good job of getting it stopped with the wheels still under you.
188! Nice job Bob. Still haven't totaled my Pinarello. Another successful race. Here's the highlights.

A smart race from you and a great effort! You got rewarded with a very good placing. Stay healthy and keep racing smart. I see an eminent upgrade for you this summer.
Heh...the half-grin of success on your face! Yes, the guy cutting the tight line is definitely sideways. He was trying hard.

Damnit...I got to scan those old still pictures and post them.

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