Do you guys have spinning classes? (or maybe you call it something else)

If so, do you do it? Do you like it?


Reference: http://www.schwinn.com/fitness/jgsbike.html
Yep, spinning is almost a fashion here in South Africa. Everyone seems to be spinning.
We even have an annual spin-athon. Continous spinning the whole darn day by thousands of people!
Tho' its an excellent form of aerobic excercise, I myself don't particulary enjoy it. The saddle always seems to be too high or too low. I do enjoy watching the girls spin tho ;D

PS: I believe the word 'spinning' is now a registered trademark? Hows that possible? Thats like trademarking the word 'driving' or 'walking'.
OH, I hate the saddles, they are too damn hard!!!

And I've always thought that it's a silly name - SPINNING - it's not indicative of how tough it really is.

**sigh** but what can ya do?!

I've just started doing it. Can't say I love it, but it's so freakin cold outside that it's the next best thing to actually riding - so I do it.
Yes,spinning!!!Hmmm,I guess I should register for my classes in march,I usualy do this for a month/month and a half before the season starts...
I don't want to waste PRECIOUS riding time getting my "BUTT" in shape for da saddle and my legs also!!!
Nothing like going for the first ride of the season and have to cut it short because you are not ready for it!!!Grrrrrrrrrrr!!!
Did I say that I HATE winter??Well I do!!
End of the "winter rant".
I just started spinning for cardio.
I thought it was a joke when I was first askt but I like it now.
It's different.
I wish you could bring your own seats though :-[

I use Spinning for a little pre race "speed sharpening"

The 45minute classes seem to be a little short for me though. :(

I do like spinning, but nothing beats the road/trail ;)

See you on the road!!
My response to spinning!!!!
I love it, i get the music pumping, i have the oppertunity to do my own thing as classes are held throughout the day and i go in with a mate and spin my **** of and have a really good work out. I believe that it can assist in help fast twich fibers so i highly recomend it, i also agree that you cant beet road miles its the best form of conditioning for the legs.