What shoes do you wear and why?



Just trying to get the general consensus on shoes. I have Lake CX-301s which are quite comfortable and Shimano R-214s which to tell you the truth I can't stand. Maybe I just have to work in the Shimano's a bit. But I was curious and keep in mind that I have Look pedals.
I wear Shimano R72s..but they squish my feet too much after a few minutes riding. I'd probably still get Shimanos next time (carbon soled) because they have pontoons that help me walk a bit better.

The Northwave Evolutions look sweet though...
Yes, I believe they are. You have the option to get the Look, SPD-R, or Time adapter when you buy Northwave shoes.
sidi genius 3

good italian quality, light, and comfortable

I had a problem at first...lost a couple of cleat screws. glued the ones I didn't loose, and the replacements, and no more problems. recommend gluing or loc-titing all screws, but I like them and would buy more.
I ride Diadora at the moment, but when they are done, I'll probably go for Time or Sidi.
The Diadora's are fine and have given me no trouble at all.
Iv got Sidi shoes (not sure what model they are yellow and grey) i got them because they where middle of the range and looked good. they where $180 i think. I also use look pedals (206)

They are quite comfy and feel good.
with regards to comfort i just recently got a pair of cycling socks. yes thats right ;D. and beleive me they are way worth the cost ($19) they fit on your feet and are skin tight (like knicks) they are comfy and dont cut of blood supply to your feet. they have stuff called coolmax wich gets rid of that sweat. i find if you where normal socks and they are a bit thick they cut off the blood supply to your feet and dont feel very comfy. Any one else here use these types of socks?

What is the name of the socks that you wear and where did you get them? I'm willing to hit the piggybank a bit for comfort. Also, do you or anybody else out there know of any WARM pants and booties? It's barely breaking 45 degrees up here in Connecticut, USA and I have been freezing my you know whats off for the sake of getting some miles in. Thanks.
hey mook the socks brand is 'Lake' actually in US dollars they are $10 so thats cheap :( for you. I did get the cheaper cycling socks as the difference after that is 'Brand' name in my opinion. I got them from my local BS in Aus http://www.lakecycling.com see if you can find a dealer over there. Id say most real bike shops would hav em.

With winter gear i use Leg and Arm warmers from Body Toruqe.
sorry no Bootie advice as it does not get that cold here.
I've got Shimano R095. No problems been in them for a complete of years. Socks I recommend DeFeet (straight out of the USA) they have the Collmax material. Have some wacky designs.
I agree with Redhendren, Defeet socks are the bomb! Although they are quite expensive at almost $10 per pair, they work very well and are BOMBPROOF! I've been using mine for a year already, and they still look as good as new. No stretching, wear or tear, and the prints don't fade! Wow! Is this beginning to sound like an ad for Defeet? hehe
DeFeet are the best. I'm sure anyone who has worn them will tell you that...

besides containing coolmax, they also contain a product named cordura in the heel and toe. that's what makes them bombproof. cordura is also found in backpacks, ***** packs, softsided luggage, and some hiking boots.

I believe greg lemond (maybe you've heard of him) has an ownership interest in defeet.

speaking of lots of different designs and logos, many people in the states wear mixed pairs (one sock each of two different designs) because the socks are orphans (lost one of the pair) and the socks last so long
I've got a pair of Shimano SH-R150S'S, and have been very pleased with them so far. I have wide feet (10.5 EE) and was limited to just a few different brands to select from. The Shimano's fit me well, and after a few miles in them, they feel even better with no stretch in the uppers. Good power trans. to the pedals (carbon sole).
I use Gaerne Bora with Look 206 pedals.


Probably more renowned for their motorcycle boots, but I find their cycling shoes do the job. They only cost me R600 (about $60) so they're really well priced too.

I also use Gaerne for MTB. Also well priced and the soles are super stiff.

Lab Rat> Where did you buy your Gaerne Boras? It's not easy finding good shoes for under R1000.

Anyone riding with Adidas or Exus?
Mampara, I ride with a pair of Exus (Got them last week). I must confess that they fit like a glove, not to hard, but not too soft. For R599 I must say that I will not even think of going to Diadora, etc.

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