What Sort of ******** Does This?


Graeme Dods

On Feb 24, 12:02 pm, Dave Hughes <[email protected]> wrote:
> On Sat, 23 Feb 2008 19:04:59 -0800, Graeme Dods wrote:
> > You do get some weird complaints about the ID you post with.

> At the risk of generating a bucket of spam, "spambait" is actually a valid
> address at my vanity domain. Gets stuff all mail, and since "bait" gets
> silently dropped the despamming robots tend to shoot themselves in the
> foot.

I get a bit of spam, usually less than 10 a day so it's not much of a
problem. Once you're on some sort of spammers mail list there's sod
all you can do about it so I rely on my mail application to filter
them out for me, so far it's doing a good job. My Google mail account,
which I started using for posting to usenet a couple of years ago,
gets several hundred spams per week but I don't use it for anything
else so that's fine with me.