Why does sram hate their customers?

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Dec 20, 2021
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What is SRAM doing?
What I have always sensed seems to be confirmed. SRAM truly does not care about their customers, just churning revenue.

There are no longer replacement parts for the SRAM Red etap and the *new* AXS is not backwards compatible? What an F-you to their customers. I bought the Red e-tap 4 years ago and now they just abandon us?

This is the second failure of my Front derailleur. Now I can't buy a replacement anywhere?

I did speak to SRAM and their idiotic suggestion was to either run a modified 1X set up or spend another $4,000 on the new AXS. I live in a very hilly area, i am not running a 1x on a groupset i just paid $3,000 for a few years ago. Nor am I throwing good money after bad at this point. How is this an acceptable answer. I would have much preferred he told me to go fist myself and move on.

After how many years are they going to give up on supporting the AXS? This was the last straw with SCAM.

Any other Red etap users having problems?

I am moving on to Shimano.


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Jan 15, 2011
This is NOT unique to SRAM. Both Shimano and Campagnolo also have the same problem. Usually a dealer can find parts that were stocked in a warehouse somewhere but don't count on it. My 11 speed Centaur group is NOT compatible to the older 11 speed Record or Chorus groups and the latest Record etc is 12 or 13 speeds and entirely incompatible with the older 11 speed components.

Shimano Di2 is even incompatible with newer Di2 and parts for the older stuff is hard to come by. I had to get mine from a pro racing team that was getting the newer stuff.

So don't aim posts like this at specific brands unless you are sure that you have the proper information.

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