Armstong dopes AGAIN


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Jun 22, 2004
jhuskey said:
...Stevebaby complimented everyone on the forum...
I emphatically deny that any such act ever took place. That's a scurrilous calumny and a vicious slur on whatever shreds of reputation I have left! You leave me with no option in the matter...SWORDS OR PISTOLS?

I think it only fair to warn you sir...I am an excellent swordsman and several of my ex-wife"s friends can testify to this.


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Mar 9, 2005
whiteboytrash said:

I love this report.... I thought l'Equipe was a tabloid paper !


Thorpe clearly understands the enormous battle he faces to clear his name. He fiercely said that he would also get to the bottom of whoever had leaked his name prematurely in the anti-doping process no matter how long it took.

A French journalist reported in the respected newspaper L'Equipe last Saturday that Thorpe's test results had been put aside by ASADA, and that this had been challenged by the world swimming body, FINA, in the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

However, ASADA chairman Richard Ings said the case had never been closed and ASADA had informed Thorpe of the laboratory analysis on Saturday morning. He said the authority was planning on notifying Thorpe later in the week but brought forward the paperwork because of the publicity.

Thorpe said he didn't know of enemies who might want to leak information to sully his name.