Campy 12-29 Cassette & Earlier Sr Rear Derailleur Compatibility


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Nov 1, 2009
My question is: will a Campagnolo 12-29 cassette work with an earlier (late 2010) super record rear derailleur? I'm getting conflicting answers, and a lot of "it should".
I'm hoping for an "it will" or "it won't" answer if possible. One fairly reliable source stated that the 29 cog will only work correctly with the 2015 Campy rear derailleur.

Anyone out there have experience with this scenario?
Brother...all the information you seek is on the High Holy website of Campagnolo.

Ask the Godz and ye shall find the path to wisdom and enlightenment.

According to the Holy Scriptures of Tullio, Book 2010, Chapter Record & Super Record...

Ye olde 10-speed Short Cage Rear Derailleur shall doth mightily throw a 30-Tooth Gear and slay thine enemy, the steep Philistine Hill.

See also: The Scriptures of the 2010 Technical Manual:

Open your hymnal to page 46 of the manual and sing the second verse:
"Blessed be oh 30-tooth, for mine legs are old and weak.
Carry me over the high mountains and through the Valley of Death,
To reach the Finish Line on the Peak."

Peace be upon you, seeker.
@CampyBob, you gave me a much needed laugh! I remember reading long years ago...meaning the late 1970s and early 1980s...that Campagnolo was simply the best. Today, Is that still true? I'm just wondering. As a bicycling ignoramus, I'll listen respectfully.

There are many truths in life.

There is but one immutable, irrefutable, inscrutable truth: Campagnolo reigns as the absolute apogee of cycling components. All others are unworthy.

Seriously, shimaNO and SRAM make very good, serviceable stuff. Campagnolo makes high art of bicycle components. Their function is superlative, of course, but all the extras that go with the Campagnolo experience are what make it exquisite and sublime.
Thanks, CampyBob. I dimly recall some 1970s book discussing "All Campagnolo equipped" bikes. I guess the company still rules.

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