What are your opinions on Creatine-Endurance, a creatine serum used specifically for endurance sports. Given that I workout 4-5 times a week a 1-2 hours, will this be beneficial? should I only be taking this during interval workouts?

Any advice would be appreciated.

No offence altweg but 1-2 hours is not what i would call ENDURANCE. You don TT every day do you? ;) if you do well thats no good. Since you dont race or compete why search for performance helpers?. Mind you if you get some good Vitaman & Mineral Tablets that keeps you helthy and could be beneficial especialy if you dont eat all the right foods.
so bacically WHY bother ?. Just extra Money ???
Hi Nick,

Well I've stopped doing those "TTs" you are referring to. I started doing 1 hour rides, and have increased it to 2 hours. However, time constraints don't really allow me to go more than 2 hours during weekdays, and my weekend lopp closes 2 hours after it opens :p. I read about Runners Endurance, a creatine serum that helps you go harder for a longer period. So I figured going harder for the same amount of time (2 hours) will be more beneficial to my muscles and heart. I hope I am on the right track here.....

If we had open roads, and less time needed for work around here, life as a recreational cyclist would be a lot better. :mad:

Anyway, don't hold yourself back and give me all your opinions on what I am thinking about! Your comments are very much appreciated.
Creatine has had positive results although I personallywouldn't condone its use to anyone. I realize that is kind of senseless to say but what you get out of it is definitely not worth it unless you are a pro and looking for that 2% edge. Creatine basically overloads your muscles with an immediate explosive energy source (increased ATP production). With the amount of cycling that you do, it may put alot of stress on your kidneys due to increased solute load. (Coupled with your loss of fluids through sweat) This would require you to drink copious amounts of fluids to compensate for this. I tried if for a brief period but for another application- weightlifting. It seemed to work pretty well for me, but for all I know maybe it was my mind doing the work the whole time! Give it a whirl and tell me if it helps your cycling. Don't forget the fluids!
I personallywouldn't condone its use to anyone. I realize that is kind of senseless to say but what you get out of it is definitely not worth it unless you are a pro and looking for that 2% edge.
Exactly and since you are not a pro and do not practice as much as one your body is not as good, you would probably be beter spending your money on some Vitamin/Multimineral Supliments. Having a Healthy Body by geting enough Vitamin/minerals is essential and very benefical and Creatine is not.
roads that close? why would they do that?

First of all, thanks for the comments. I guess Creatine is not all its hyped up to be. My cousin was recommending I take it.

The road that closes is in privately owned property. That is why it is also closed to cars and is well maintained (i.e., no potholes, perfectly smooth)....which is not what I can say of the roads maintained by the government :p

I also checked out Kevin Lippert's discussion board, and they mentioned that Creatine has some side effects that are not yet proven. Better not risk it eh :)
Here is a link to the Creatine serum I am talking about, in case you are interested......
The May June edition of Bicycling Australia has a two page spread on Creatine - Get Loaded!  The article concludes that lots of things produce performance gains like optimal training and good nutrition.  Creatine is an aid like sprinkles on a cake.

The article certainly sparked my interest.   8) 8)
Stick to creatine powder. It's cheaper and more effective. I don't understand how creatine serum could work anyway, seeing how creatine breaks down into creatinine (waste material) after sitting in liquid for just 20 minutes. I've used creatine for weightlifting for about six years now, but I stop during bike season because it seems to give me nasty cramps, something that seems common among cyclists that use it.
Nick, 1 to 2 hours not endurance? Ask any physiologist and they will tell you that endurance is anything over a couple of minutes!

In cycling, the most commonly reported performance improvements when creatine is used are in events where there are repeated sprints with little rest (like track endurance).

Creatine supports the ATP-PC energy system and this provides energy for very short explosive efforts (i.e. less than 8 seconds in duration). Recovery of the phosphcreatine stores (the substrate of the ATP-PC system) after such an effort takes around 2 1/2 minutes during rest. Therefore creatine improves performance in events or training where very short, very intense sprints happen with little opportunity for recovery as it increases the rate of recovery of the phosphcreatine stores.