Feedback wanted - jacket for legs


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Sep 29, 2016
Hi guys,

I was reading some of the topics on this forum and I think you are the right people to ask - cycling enthusiasts :D

Since people like you guys, that share the same hobby as us, may be potential users some day, we would really like some feedback from you for the product we developed - after all, think about the fact that you can influence a future brand product!

It's a jacket for legs meant to protect the user against rain. It's easy to use, just like any jacket, but for legs instead of upper body. We made a landing page and a short video to prove the point.

What is your general opinion on the product? Would you find it useful?

What would you improve?

Would you use such a product? If not, who would you recommend it to?

I know that this is my first post here, but we really appreciate your feedback and will help us a lot in launching our product. :D :D

So you've made a pair of rain pants with full length zippers?
Calling them "legjackets" doesn't make it new.
I've had rain gear like that for decades.
Although perhaps not with three zippered pockets.
Not that front pockets are particularly useful for cyclists.
Full-on rain gear for cyclists is a so-so thing anyhow.
For energetic riding, it simply tends to make you wet from the inside instead. I prefer clothes with wind/waterproof panels at the front and ventilating panels at the rear.
A Google search on "rain pants full zip" yields 756.000 - as in three quarters of a million - hits.
A search on "Shell pants full zip" yields almost two million hits.
"Shell" in this case meaning outer layer clothing, usually with a high degree of water/windproofing.
Sounds familiar?
Not that the number of hits is the same as the number of different garments.
But it certainly proves that your product isn't unique.

What - apart from the funny name of "legjackets" - makes yours special?
And with a multitude of options already available from known and trusted suppliers of outdoors/camping/hiking/trekking gear, it probably HAS to be quite special to gain customers.
Sure, you have that funny little shoe cover.
But shoe covers are trickier than it looks.
Most utility rides contains elements of walking. Or at least putting a foot down and kicking off.
And shoe covers, particularly all-fabric ones, wear VERY fast under those conditions.
Odds are it won't take many miles before the part that goes under the forward part of the sole has been trampled and chafed to shreds.
Slim fit is also a so-so thing for cyclists.
While it's good not to have fabric flapping around and catching the wind, unless the material stretches, you do need some volume around the knees and at the back/over the butt.
Otherwise the fabric will pull tight during riding, which is uncomfortable and will shorten the lifelength of whatever waterproofing method you're using.

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