The greenspeed HPV 'flat naka' test session



Photos from our test session in the new Greenspeed HPV for the
Wonthaggi HPV grand prix 24 hour this w'end.

The pilot is my housemate vanders.

It's a full spaceframe with a corflute fairing, and weighs just under
20kg (very light for this type of HPV, last time I raced one of these
it was 32kg ...).

This one handles amazingly well, and even has, for fruit, SRM cranks.
I clocked 1060 watts on a test drag down the carpark at the back of
the workshop. Paul Simms from Greenspeed has done a great job with the

Issues, for little people, none, but for big fat lazy sprinters, the
chain guard rubs my right calf (may not sound like a big deal, but
after just 5 mins, my right calf was glowing red and the first layer
of skin was gone, this -must- be fixed by raceday!) and it's very
narrow inside, my quads rub the steering arms, which may become an
issue after an hour in the beast. It's heaps -heaps- better than the
carbon creation we raced in '05, images here :

(some of you may recognise Hippy in some of these shots)