Weight Loss



Well iv just got some questions about weght loss. Before i tried to loose weight i was 67kg i am now 64kg so iv lost 3 kg. im looking at loosing another kg but it does not want to go :) this is what iv been doing so far.
loosing this weight has really given my performance an improvement (mental or pysical ?) ;D

*Eating pasta
*No Takeaway
*20 situps 3 times per week

what else can i do ? ps i haven done situps for 3 weeks now though due as i want to rest my kees.
Nic..Mate.. You're supposed to do situps grounding your bum to the ground. ;D ;D ;D. The way you doing it, sounds like praying ;D ;D ;D
I wanted to lose weight to :mad: but I was 94kg before I started cycling. So I started 100kms a week (did not change eating habit) I am now 78kg and doing 450kms a week and none of my cloths fit me any more and only 6kg to lose and I will be at my right weight ;D ;D By the way it took 4 months to lose it or 4500kms. :eek:
Thats great that biking alone makes you loose weight Mr Ed but it does not get rid of my extra bit and i do (did,will do again soon i hope) 400-450k a week too.

hmm thanks pothole your a great help ;D ;D
so any real help here ? ;D
Nic, dont feel bad mate, the Stormers is playing in less than a hour and I'm prying since last night. Enjoy the weekend mate, and burn that tyres. ;D ;D ;D
How much bad fat are you consuming daily? Full cream milk, chocolates, crisps etc. contain large amounts of fat. Under no circumstance should you cut fats out completely tho, since your an active athlete. What I'm suggesting is that you limit bad fats, or saturated fats, such as cream, butter etc. Your body stores these bad fats as an energy resource. Anything with 3g of fat per 100 g is considered fat-free, so try and use products on which the fat content is indicated as such.
Cut out bad fats, get on your bike and ride slow.
Yeah, I would ditch the excess fat as it is stored more readily than excess carbs. Try and eat more frequently throughout the day- "graze" if you will. Did you ever see a "grazing" thorougbred in a field carrying extra fat around the midsection? The thought behind it is to maintain a steady glucose concentration throughout the day, thereby avoiding "spiking" of the blood sugar. Try to also up your protein intake a bit, preferably at least 1.5 grams/ kg of body weight. Along with that, if you can, ditch the simple sugars (white bread, pasta, potatoes) and substitute with whole-grain carb sources. This worked for me- I got my bodyfat well below 8%. (I did some natural bodybuilding for a stint)Unfortunately the maxim, "You are what you eat" stays true to form. Here is a website that may interest you and others: http://www.mendosa.com/gi.htm
Good luck.
Its great to hear your shaping up! There are two things you need to lose the weight; create a calorie deficit (eat fewer calories than you use) and increase fat metabolism.

Some recent research published in March has shown that the easiest way to do this is to control your diet and exercise as hard as you can for the amount of time you have available. Exercising in this way maximises the number of calories that you use and the volume of fat metabolised.

Check out the article below (unfortunatly the abstract doesn't tell you so much):

;) I was weighing about 86 kilo's and riding 200k's per week. Needed to lose a couple of kilo's to get down to about 80. Followed the following diet (couldn't ride more k's because of work hours). After a long ride on Sunday take Monday as a rest day. On the rest day have soup, water and red wine only (go easy on the wine!!!). On other days of the week eat small, but often. Another secret is No starch at dinner, eat potato, rice or bread at lunch.

;D In five weeks I have lost 6 kilo's and can finally kick some butt on the uphills.
Ahhh, the weight question once again.

I asked a very similar question about a month ago. I've been sitting at 76kg for some time now, but I eat all the wrong kinds of foods. Full cream milk, Pizza, Pasta (Alfredo) pies and chicken burgers.

I tried going on a diet and guess what. I lost 500grams here, picked up 750grams there, lost 500grams here etc.

Decided to become a little more focussed, thanks to advice given by the very same people you are asking and had my body fat % taken. The result was actually more of an eye-opener than I anticipated as I was significantly less overweight than I expected.

Problem is, I used to do bodybuilding (many moons ago) and have too much muscle (for a cyclist) on my upper body and this is why I weigh so much.

I'm very active as you'll see from project creatine, so I inevitably burn more calories than I consume, so my weight stays down and my fat % is dropping. (I'm now at 7%)

My contribution is therefore the following:-

Make realistic goals. Don't just say I want to lose weight.
Measure yourself against those goals regularly. There is also some nice advice on Lance Armstrong's site. check out http://www.lancearmstrong.com/lance/online2.nsf/html/greenbook
Some words of warning:

Careful not to lose too much weight. I dropped down to 77kg (that's quite skinny considering I'm 6'2") and wasn't racing well at all. Now I stick to around 80kg and feel stronger (especially on races over 120km).

Losing weight will help you up to a point - don't go with a blinkered Thinner = Faster rule. Find the weight that'll help you up the hills but leave you with some reserves.
One aspect which is often negelcted in efficient weight loss is water intake.

Daily one should drink 0.03 litres per kg of body weight PLUS 0.03 litres per minute of daily exercise.

After a "bad" patch - pizzas, junk, beers etc. increase your water intake immediately and the results are quite amazing.

I have dropped from 97kg to 75kg, following a regime of diet and exercise and still find that water is the most important aspect!

Why 0.03 L per kg?<br /><br />How does it help? accelerate weightloss, make you feel full, etc.?
Hey Eldron, I'm 6'2&quot; too, and I just can't lose weight! &gt;:(<br /><br />I briefly dipped to about 77kgs, but now I'm 80kgs I'm going faster than ever. I do LOADS of excercise, I ride 15 miles into town every day, go to the gym every morning, and train in the evenings and do time trials or club runs at weekends. <br /><br />I have to starve myself to lose weight. When I try, I wake up at 3am with pains in my stomach like my stomach is digesting itself, and have to go downstairs and make some toast!<br /><br />I can still drop everyone in the club on climbs because I have power, but I know that if I do some mass start road races next year, there are going to be people out there with a better power/weight ratio than me! &gt;:( &gt;:(
It's not recommended to starve yourself.<br /><br />Try eating 1200 calories per day and add 250 calories for each hours training you do. That will allow you to estabilish a significant calorie deficit, but also allow you to keep training!<br /><br />You get to learn which meals are 'worth it' (i.e. large volume for few calories!).